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combined $5.4 million in back taxes. when irs has the news, they are like, oh, man, i hope i don't find out about this. oh, can i hide this from myself? >> anthony weaner is back in the news. a big profile on mr. weiner. he said, if the internet didn't exist, he would probably be mayor of new york. all right. and i would be flying right now if gravity didn't exist. >> have no fear, grave travel channels list of best halloween attractions of 2013. that's scary normal. haunting of the brewery. walk off. haunted mansion. >>> you're on "the list." we could be launching some kids live in a new direction. nicki mayo introduces us to some true rocket scientists around balt moral. >> reporter: at number one -- baltimore. >> reporter: at number one -- >> i've been on the space shuttle four times. >> reporter: now don thomas is being be -- [inaudible] >> reporter: the students' goal to get the bottle rocket to fly the farthest on the field using math and physics. >> i was so excited when i got this project. >> i wouldn't normally build a rocket. >> reporter: in the end, all of the kids are dynamos. >
equipment from fitting properly. henry viii introduced a gratuity tax on beards and mustaches. man that dude was nuts. four u.s. presidents have had a mustache. arthur, cleveland, roosevelt and taft. >> m mustache is a movember mustache. >> may look like he has a centipede on his upper lip but it is for a good cause. >> viral tidbits in mustaches. so not good. the juiciest viral videos on the internet, bring it. here are the day's best. >> viral list. >> first up, all aboard. in new york city, train conductors cast a point at every sharp sign. at every subway station. just, you know, to prove they're paying attention. they wanted to make it more fun by adding funny signs. in the workers are really enjoying it. some are a little reluctant but it is through jobs. colorful ride. taking on the bright streets of chile. they even meet some not so nice friends. >> very nice local. wild dinner guests. check out this russian video of a raccoon chomping down on some grapes. >> so may need need lessons in etiquette. >> fit strips are everywhere. we will show you how to make your own and they will look
it shows the 2008 cigarette tax increase is reducing the number of smokers especially among young people. the group is also poposing another tax hike to further decrease the numbers. >>> a huge turnout at george washington carver. you can see the pockets of parents in different colors representing different communities. baltimore city wants to add seats to cromwell valley elementary school, renovate loch raven elementary and halsted elementary school. that could mean a shift on where you send your students to school in the future. >> if a community is brought in to endorse a plan that is already complete, are or we asked to participate in a good process to get to a plan? >> one parent said depending on where you live you could be going to loch raven, towson or parkville high school. >>> brian stewart tells abc2 news he was rejected from cappa alpha psy because he's gay. he filed a complaint with the university a few weeks later. stewart says his actions are a pivotal point in the lgbt rights and says this is only the beginning. >> it's what you believe to be right. i will stand and figh
years, of all the americans who declared more than a million dollars on their income-tax returns, 71% of them were in real estate. you see, in high school and
. it will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home. and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ >>> checking ourop stories -- new documents say six people were able to register for health care insurance through the obama care website the day it went live. the administration says such early data is unreliable. >>> authorities have three men in custody in connection with a sophisticated drug tunnel under the u.s./mexican border. >>> and a line of storms stretching nearly 2,000 miles marching across the eastern half of the u.s. set to slam the east coast with high winds and torrential rains. >>> looking at today's weather. showers in the nthwest, warming up in the southwest. rain and wind around the great lakes and along the entire eastern seaboard region. drive carefully on the i-95 corridor and pack that umbrella. >>> finally, a wide range of stories for the late-night comics to poke fun at this week. >> here, now, your "friday funnies." >> the red sox beat the cardinals in st. louis last n
comploverwhelming is. when you multiply it by the business of life. all those bills, budgets, accounts and taxes. it's a complex problem, but you don't have to solve it by yourself. at intuit, we make tools to help you simplify it all, so you can focus on what matters most. intuit. simplify the business of life. >>> many people text more than they talk, but could that be hurting relationships more than helping them. tonight on the news at 11, the conversations you need to have in person rather than typing. >> i like the idea of that story. it's all about the screen. hey a mild night in the 60s and cooling off. again, don't forget to fall back sunday morning. >> want to throw some pumpkins around? >> oh, there they go, painting them purple, too. . >>> welcome to world news, and the breaking news this friday night, the deadly shooting at l.a.x., the passengers running for their lives. >> we have an active shooting in terminal 3. >> the tsa officer shot dead. what was the motive? our late reporting from the scene tonight. and my interview with a passenger, the chilling moment face to face with the gunm
multiply it by the business of life. all those bills, budgets, accounts and taxes. it's a complex problem, but you don't have to solve it by yourself. at intuit, we make tools to help you simplify it all, so you can focus on what matters most. intuit. simplify the business of life. >>> beautiful chesapeake beach. are they in central time now? because that's a long trip from here to calvert county. wyatt will be back with the rest of the forecast. >>> now the latest on the deadly shooting at the los angeles airport. the gunman was dropped move by a friend who thought the 23- year-old was headed home to spend some time with his family. prosecutors said he was so intent on shooting agents. >> there will ab review of the security measures in place, not only at l.a.x. but a review of the security arrangements in other airports as well. >> police shot the suspected gunman. if he ever regains consciousness he will face charges that could carry the death penalty. >>> new changes will help you get through security faster. tomorrow a new tsa precheck will be available at concourse c checkpoint. the
and taxes. it's a complex problem, but you don't have to solve it by yourself. at intuit, we make tools to help you simplify it all, so you can focus on what matters most. intuit. simplify the business of life. . >>> we are in parkville i think. look -- wow,. >> that's great. >> now it's carnie. there you go. you never know. wyatt will have a detailed look at the forecast coming up in about three minutes. >>> with trick or treating out of the way, why not set your sights on real halloween fun tomorrow snieght? they will be shooting zom bies in middle river. it's to kill moving targets featuring the undead and there is no use shooting them in the heart because you have to shoot them in the head. the company said it draws participants from all walks of life. >> you know, obviously regular shooters, other hunters, maybe law enforcement. we even pulled some traditional standard people that have just shot once or twice before but they are just into zombies. > >> the winner will receive a survival kit complete with candy bars, bottle openers, duct tape and a raffle will be held for a shot
a tax of 24 cents to each can of soda sold in the city the. it will go to health, nutrition program for city kids. already in san francisco fast food restaurants are prohibited from handing out free toys in kids meals that are high in fat, salt and sugar. >>> a healthy form of nutrition. it is national oatmeal day. we are having breakfast courtesy of people at driscoll berry. what do we have here. >> donees with mixed berries. this is an oat scone. sneaky way of getting oats in. >> i'm not a giant fan of oat meet. so scones i will eat it. >> this is the way to get it in your body without eating warm, soggy oats. is a banana bread with mixed berries inside but mainly blueberries. also oats and then look at the wonderful things you can do with oats. there's an oat drink, called sneaky petes all-natural oat beverage. there's raspberry, apple, orange. an the wonderful people at driscolls brought us these beautiful berries because what goes better with oats than berries. >> the oats soaking up and redusing cholesterol. the facts are there. it doesn't have to be oatmeal but something with
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9